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Gapico is a dedicated platform that effectively bridges the gap between industry and academia, nurturing collaboration and leading to remarkable achievements in both fields.

Industrial Evolution

Gapico revolutionized the traditional approach of the global academic industry by introducing innovative and intelligent methods for the research field.

About Us

Gapico is at the forefront of bridging the gap between academia and industry by providing cutting-edge technologies and innovative methods that eliminate inadequacies in research and collaboration. We aim to create a global community where technology is readily accessible and constantly advancing, allowing researchers from both academia and industry to access the resources they need to excel in their research projects. Our company is dedicated to providing the highest quality service and support to our users, enabling them to achieve their research goals and succeed in their academic and industrial pursuits. Join us today and see the difference that Gapico can make in your research journey.


Gapico is dedicated to assisting organizations in making a significant impact by providing services such as innovation, employer branding, research support, and expanding university networks. A team at Gapico is committed to providing the necessary support and guidance to help your organization achieve its goals in these areas.


At Gapico, we support educators in enhancing their curriculum and providing meaningful learning experiences for students through single-industry projects, experiential learning, increased student experience, and building transversal competency. We have the expertise to help achieve your goals.


Gapico partners with professors and faculty to bring real-world industry challenges into the classroom, giving students like you the opportunity to gain valuable experience and industry connections while working on projects that are relevant to your field of study. This will not only enhance your curriculum but also increase your employability.

Revolutionizing Academia industry through innovation

Gapico is a transformative platform that bridges the gap between industry and academia, revolutionizing the traditional approach to the global academic industry. Gapico has disrupted the academic landscape, fostering collaboration and driving remarkable achievements with the integration of innovative and intelligent research methods. Its seamless platform facilitates valuable partnerships, transforming the way scholars and researchers work and leading to significant advancements in the field.

Our Services

Consultancy & Training

Gapico works collaboratively with professors and faculty to provide world-class industry challenges that can be integrated into students' curriculum. Subsequently, students can have hands-on invaluable experience in the educational industry and acquire employability by solving challenges as part of their research.

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Our simulated and technical-based approach provides an innovative model to accelerate the development of an enterprise by boosting network proliferation at a fast pace. Providing prerequisites to your enterprise is our main objective.

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Skill Development

Scheduled and planned activities, capitalizing on mentor skills, and in terms of a business corporation providing collaboration are the main perspectives of our skillful institute. Acquiring and mastering skills in a competent and inspirational manner are our superlative ambition.


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Trusted by global Industry and Academia leaders. Proven track record of consistent reliability.

We have established partnerships with a wide range of thriving organizations, including cutting-edge startups, successful SMBs, and distinguished research institutions and academic platforms.