Hello there stranger!

I'm Gabriel a UX Designer, newbie Game Developer, a loving dad and I have a soft spot for Heart Dripping Soul Music. Below are some of the projects I worked on.

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Free music for everyone!

A new way of experiencing music never to be.

Yodemi's tagline was "music your way" and that was the whole premise for the company. To create a distribution engine that allowed you to stream, upload, watch and download music and all for free. It was meant to be launched in Nigeria and the African continent and then work it's way to South America and Asia.

Client: Yodemi

URL: www.yodemi.com

Roll: Interaction,Ui & Branding



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iOS and Android Apps

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Social Media

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Cloud Pop case image

Popping those clouds!

A fast and addictive game for the iPad and iPhone.

CloudPop was developed with Unity 3D and is one of those games that is just great fun to play. In the next version I'm going to look at integrating Parse and play with some more animations.

Mixups case image

Mix them up!

Half chance, half luck and a whole lot of laughs.

Mixups is that game that reminded me of my childhood remade for the iPhone. I had so much fun creating these nine characters and making them work together. I also wanted to make it as minimal and intuitive as possible.

Gone Fishing case image

A good fish is hard to find.

A set of svg animated fishes for the game Gone Fishing.

This game was actually made for a very exciting project that allows you to interact with a public display with your smartphone. Not only that, it also allowed you to do it in multiplayer mode. Sadly I can't show you that project due to technical limitations but I'm working on making a version of the game available online.